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Why visit the Czech Republic

Coming to the Czech Republic, means being in intimate contact with all the facets of traditional and contemporary art. Music festivals take place across the country from spring to autumn - the most famous among them is certainly the Prague Spring International Music Festival, Smetanova Litomysl festival and Baroque music festival in Valtice. Many of the world's most famous composers and soloists lived and worked in the Czech Republic. This particularly comes into the spotlight this year as the world celebrates the 250th Birth Anniversary of Austrian composer W.A.Mozart who loved living in Prague and dedicated much of his creative jewels to the city.

Spas are a hot choice in the Czech Republic: Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne. The curative effects of the local mineral springs have been known from time immemorial and hence, the spa regions have developed into important centers of life. Spa treatment is, however, only a small part of the extensive offer. Those interested in spending their time in a more active way will find here the country's most famous golf courses that have been venues of many a master tournament. Others may prefer to visit the Moser glassworks whose products adorn royal palaces and whose museum houses an exhibition on the history of famed glass making in Bohemia, which has established itself as one of the Czech signature crafts. Visitors looking for a less main-stream excitement may find it at a number of casinos, and then relax over a glass of the famous Becherovka herbal liqueur associated with Karlovy Vary so closely that it has been nicknamed the spa's 13th mineral spring.
The Czech Republic is known as the country of castles and chateaux many of which are nested within these urban monument reserves.

The Czech Republic, dynamically growing country enjoys the attention of international business people, and those who indulge themselves in shopping will usually leave satisfied. Traditional Czech handicraft - Bohemian crystal and porcelain, string puppets, wooden toys as well as fine classical records by Czech and world masters are celebrated throughout the world.

PRAGUE the town of dreams, one of the names cradled by poets for centuries... Now it is on the lips of millions of the city visitors, many of whom know the reasons behind the nickname for Prague being, the "fairy tale city".
It comes from centuries of efforts to pick the suitable name for Prague. Nominations varied from Stone Prague, Golden Prague, Magic Prague or Hundred-spired Prague to Prague the mother of all towns. All of these associations put together reveal the whole concept Prague has to offer.

Prague is quite simply one of the most stunning cities in Europe. The ancient city of Prague has a rich history, a unique architectural landscape and a tangible culture all its own. "The City of a Hundred Spires", having survived the 15th century crusades and World War II, has become a tourist must-see.
Among the architectural attractions that delight visitors are the stunning churches and the aged bridges, including the Charles Bridge, which became the visual symbol of Prague, stretched across the Vltava River. Prague's Baroque Pylades, formerly home to Austrian nobility, exhibit grand architecture, while the narrow cobblestone streets, small taverns and restaurants of the old quarter offer cozy charm.
Its architecture, Europe's most complete open-air museum of every period from Romanesque to postmodern, is justly world-famous.
Dozens of museums, art collections, palaces and of course Prague Castle itself comprise the peak of formal culture. And oddly, the Czech Philharmonic or State Opera come in the same price range as the local beer, known to be more than affordable.

Kidnapped by communism for 40 years, Prague has become one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations after the famous Velvet or Singing Revolution. Prague has undergone a cultural renaissance since 1989, when Prague's students swarmed the streets to help depose the Communist Regim. Since then the city's traditional pubs and eateries have been augmented by a wave of gourmet restaurants along with cocktail bars and trendy cafes and clubs - though you can still feast on traditional pork and dumplings washed down with a beer for a bargain local price.

Prague was spared the destructive bombing of the World War II preserving all architectural heritage intact, which ever since is the city's strong precious asset making sight seeing ever so special and memorable.
Other travel advantages include the fact that Prague is a safe destination and it is the city designed for walking. It is easy to discover and explore Prague on foot, although the city's public transport system made of integrated metro, tram and bus lines, easily accessible with a single pass valid for all, belongs among the Europe's most efficient.
Compared to Western Europe the Czech Republic remains an inexpensive destination.